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If Catalonia gets independence, what happens to FC Barcelona?

What sort of country will an independent Catalonia be? 

For a city that’s a byword for carefree fun, Barcelona had a torrid, divisive 2017

First, there was the Islamic State terrorist attack on La Rambla, the Catalan capital’s main thoroughfare, which killed 13 people on August 17.

And while it brought unity to Barcelona, it was only a matter of time before the issue that dominates the politics of Catalonia – independence from Spain – raised its head again.

On October 27, following a controversial referendum (deemed illegal by Spain), Catalonia’s parliament unilaterally declared the province an independent republican state. Spain immediately dismissed its government and assumed direct control over the area.

However, that’s not to say an independent Catalonia is impossible.

The interesting question is: what would it look like? Tax haven for the super-rich? Socialist workers’ paradise?

Nick Rider is the editor of Time Out, Barcelona. He believes that an independent Catalonia would be ru…

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