American Psycho: Dorsia – the menu

If, like a worryingly large proportion of the western world’s male population, you know a little too much about American Psycho (both in its book and film incarnations), then you’ll be aware how doofus/maniac Patrick Bateman is obsessed about getting a table at Dorsia, Manhattan’s restaurant of the moment.

For Bateman, the fact that rival/workmate Paul Allen (above, played by Jared Leto in the film) can get a table there whereas he cannot, is, along with Allen’s superior apartment overlooking Central Park, his main motive for murdering him.

But what is so magical about this place? The answer is the food, which for the first time has been revealed thanks to the discovery of a rare Dorsia menu. Its details are below.

Dorsia, 49 West 54th St, New York, New York
Lunch menu, April 25, 1988

Hors d’oeuvre
Idea of mushroom foam
Essence of mussels in sex 
Chilled air “toast” 
Paté of minced mince
Chicken livers – served with Van Gogh’s Sunflowers

Main courses
Oxtail and information minestrone 
Roasted leg of lamb “a la soil” 
Steak “John Belushi”
Rumination on something that was once risotto a la Milanese
Pasta “Business Lounge, LAX”

Popsicle Gérard Depardieu “on the telephone”
Memory of vanilla ice cream from Provincetown, MA, 1954
Black Forest gateau (includes business class return to actual Black Forest, and dinner at Das Pensione Cher, Baden-Baden, Germany, Europe)


  1. This is an excellent film. There is a dorsia in London that I need to go to! I wonder if the menu is similar.... Air chilled toast... Brilliant!!
    Dr Huw Anthony
    cosmetic dentistry


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