Relative problem: Stupid siblings of the American political elite

Intro: With Fidel Castro’s uninspiring (and sinister) brother Raul looking increasingly like he’ll be taking over the Cuban presidency on a full time
basis, we look back on the siblings of US leaders who’ve embarrassed their powerful brothers.

Name: Neil Bush
Brother of: George Bush
While Dubya’s brother Jeb followed the family tradition of going into politics, younger sibling Neil went straight into the world of business. He first came to attention when he was fined $50,000 for his role in a banking scandal in the 1980s, but his real moment in the sun came during divorce proceedings from his wife, Sharon. In the late ’90s, Bush admitted to sleeping with several ‘mysterious’ women who just showed up at his hotel in rooms in Thailand and Hong Kong. ‘You have to admit it’s a pretty admirable thing for a man just to go to hotel room door and open it and have a women standing there and have sex with her,’ said Sharon’s lawyer. ‘It was very unusual,’ replied Bush.

Name: Roger Clinton
Brother of: Bill Clinton
Known as ‘Headache’ by the secret service, Roger spent a year in jail for cocaine trafficking when Bill was governor of Arkansas, leading him to admit that he had a “walk-in closet of skeletons”. When Bill made the White House, Roger tried to get into showbusiness, landing a role in as ‘Mayor Bubba’ and signing a record deal. President Clinton did pardon his brother for the cocaine offence near the end of his term of office, but a fight at an LA nightclub and a charge of drunk driving soon landed Roger back in trouble with the law.

Name: Billy Carter
Brother of: Jimmy Carter
When Jimmy Carter was elected in 1976, brother Billy decided that he would make a career out of making his brother as embarrassed as possible, boasting, amongst other things, that he smoked pot in the White House. It got better as Bill started to cash in on his brother’s celebrity, launching his own brand of lager and writing a book, ‘Redneck Power: The Wit and Wisdom of Billy Carter’. His final action was to take a $200,000 loan from the Libyan government, forcing him to register as an agent for the African nation.

Name: Raul Castro
Brother of: Fidel Castro
While Fidel grew up as the ace of his family, excelling in school and launching a successful socialist revolution in 1959, younger brother Raul hung around the background, forever his famous brothers ‘plus one’. Over the last forty odd years, Raul has made his name as an enthusiastic communistic and even more enthusiastic executioner, known for his devotion to Marxism and the joys that can be found in the bottom of a glass. A ponderous and dull individual.


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