Five movie gangs who aren't very hard

West Side Story: The Jets and the Sharks
You think life's violent now? Back in the ’50s you couldn't walk the streets of New York without being viciously subjected to complicated dance routines, group singing and the indiscriminate usage of combs.

The Warriors: The Warriors
Will they make it back to Coney Island? If they stick on some leather waistcoats, bad ethnic jewelery and fingerless gloves they might just make it. Can you diiiiiiggggg it?

Green St: The ICF
"OK, we're tooled up, we're dressed right and ready to give those Millwall bastards a kicking. And our main boy is Frodo Baggins from Lord of the Rings."

Grease: The T Birds
Knife fights. Gang war. And a big pink car.

ID: Shadwell Town
Home to Rooost's legendary nutter Reece Dinsdale is an undercover cop who infiltrates the mob of the Roy of the Rovers'-sounding Shadwell Town led by Warren Clarke. That's fat, slobbering Warren Clarke from Dalziel & Pascoe. Yeah him. That hard bastard.


  1. I watched Green Street on telly the other day. I think you'll find it was made by the South London tourist board.


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