Mexican Coke tastes better than normal Coke. Apparently

Top preppy/general good clobber site A Continuous Lean has a great article on the superior taste of Mexican Coca-Cola compared to the normal stuff which they get in the States. I’ll be truthful here, there are few better things in life than cold Coke drunk from the traditional glass bottle – especially if it’s one that’s been stolen from the local Spa. Having said that, when you’ve had to put up with cheapo Panda ‘cola’ for much of your life – as we British kids did in the recession of the 1980s – anything tastes good. Anyway, ACL say:

It all started in 1985 when — in an effort to save money — Coca-Cola stopped using real cane sugar and reformulated the iconic drink to be made with high-fructose corn syrup. The U.S. government subsidizes corn growers so much (some $40 billion since the mid 90s) that HFCS is cheaper than sugar, and when you are producing on the scale that Coke is material costs are crucial to the bottom line. What does this have to do with Mexican Coke you ask? Well, the bottlers south of the border never made the switch to HFCS, so people (like myself) feel that Mexican Coke has a better taste than American Coke. I think the Coca-Cola made with real sugar is less sweet tasting and has a smoother finish than HFCS Coke and thus is superior.


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