Forget the noughties, here’s ten things I miss about the ’90s

Groups of lads walking about provincial towns in pastel coloured Ben Sherman shirts

Weekly house music clubs in the most remote of places absolutely crammed with gurning young women in shiny bras

Going into boozers and seeing that picture of dogs playing pool unironically displayed

Realising that London’s previously rough Hoxton is filling up with people who were bullied at school – and schools in the English countryside at that

The cockney accent

Chelsea being a mediocre, plodding outfit with no pretensions other than to flit between the Premier League and Division One

Finding these cool, new pubs where food is served on big, white plates and sausage and mash costs ten quid

Looking forward to The Face/Arena magazine coming out every month

A regular stream of new music genres radically different from anything that had come before

Remembering that the ’80s was riven by class warfare, mass unemployment and people so poor they had to forage for food on the rubbish dumps of Birkenhead


  1. very nice blog :)

  2. Army/cargo trousers; All Saints; The Met bar; a house phone; straight to VHS; Blur; Shed 7; The Marquee club.

    I'll stick with 2010 thanks.

  3. Good blog, brought me memories of a particular birthday card we sent to dad with the dogs playing pool!


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