Buying rambling shoes, without the intention of going rambling

I’ve always liked a bit of “mountaineering chic”, you know, Berghaus coat, woolly hat, clumpy shoes made in Austria etc, so when I saw on the excellent Oneupmanship that F-Troupe’s “Rambler” model was going for fifty notes, it was straight onto the Schu website. The contents of the package is displayed in all its glory here.

The key to wearing hiking shoes is making sure they’re part of an appropriate outfit. You can’t wear them with a suit, skinny jeans or even a light summer get-up. What you need is thick jumpers, dry-as-a-board indigo denim and coats that not only resist the weather, but go round to its house and break its legs with a baseball bat.

Sadly, as I’m sans Berghaus at the moment, I'm having to place mine with a K-Way waterproof coat and some rather fetching Japanese jeans courtesy of Uniqlo. Not bad, and it certainly beats the German fashion of coupling your boots with a pair of tight Speedos.

Even though we’ll soon be entering spring (no, really), you’re looking at a good two-to-three months looking like Chris Bonnington, before the boots and coats are put away in favour of boat shoes, pumps, chinos and Harrington jackets. And with Adidas relaunching their range of hiking shoes, it looks like we’ll be dressing for the north face of the Eiger for some time to come. Right, where’s the rope and crampons?


  1. Wow. These look great. I have a pair of Brasher's but I'm itching to go out and buy these.

  2. They are quite beautiful objects for the feet ... me wants some


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