Ivy League in Islington

The sun’s out, temperatures are inching up to a level of acceptability and the stout boots, heavy denims and thick coats that have waged war against the recent Siberian winter have been given a well earned lie-down in the Bloke and Coke smoking room.

In the old days, despite my joy at the coming of summer, I’d be in a bit of a state about this. I luxuriated in the comfort of my Crombie, no matter how hot it was, and strode about in Adidas trainers, lightly steaming my feet in the process. Not now.

Forget Birkentsocks. Discard those combat shorts and anything that looks as though it’s come from an army surplus store. The only solution to looking good in summer is to go Ivy League – or at least a European approximation of it. Which is what I’ve done here.

At the core of the outfit is a blue and white-striped T-shirt from the brilliant Banana Republic on Regent Street. I’ve then coupled it with a chunky, cotton-knit cardie from CP Company, a pair of Gap ‘1969’ slim-fit chinos and some battered Sebago boat shoes. Think ‘nautical townie’ or ‘Don Draper watching Liverpool FC abroad in 1982’ and you’ll be close to the spirit of the look.

If you want to make it a little smarter, swap the T-shirt for a blue Oxford button-down shirt. The one pictured here is from Brooks Brothers – the firm who invented the button-down – but you can pick up an approximation from Gap, M&S or if you’re flush, the highly favoured Gitman Brothers.

All you need now it a boat. Or at least a friend who looks like they might own one. Happy sailing.


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