New Berghaus ’85 T-shirt

I’m about as likely to climb up a mountain as I am to take up freshwater welding, but I just couldn’t resist this smart T-shirt I found at the Berghaus shop in Covent Garden yesterday. For some reason – and I suspect a childhood spent on the outskirts of Liverpool is that reason – this simple tee really does it for me. Nicely fitted and with a fantastic design on the front, it’s just the thing for a leisurely stroll in the summer sun. And you just know you’ll get some approving nods from other, similarly clothes-obsessed chaps. Sod climbing up the Eiger though, that’s for people who are far braver than me.


  1. try not to wear t-shirts too often but that's a nice one.

    berghaus' vintage efforts have been grade A IMO; high quality products and reasonably limited circulation.


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