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Ten years after the dotcom boom, Umbrella is the first publication that reflects the topics that make post-internet men tick – the blogs they read, the cities they visit, the clothes they wear. Editor Anthony Teasdale says:

Umbrella is aimed at the sort of man who delights in telling you about a disused Underground station or who’ll obsess about the new jacket he’s just bought. It’s about uncovering the hidden and examining the details – something that men have always done.

“A big influence on Umbrella has been the blogosphere. Blogs, whether they cover fashion or urbanism, present content in ways that make it exciting and relevant. So we’ve combined the best of old and new media to create Umbrella.

In issue one, the magazine looks at a variety of topics, from the long-lasting cultural impact of the year 1990 and the design of the London Overground network to the joys of Japanese katsu curry and the beauty of Ralph Lauren’s new cricket jumper. The presentation of this content reflects both recent trends and older traditions, as Art Director Matt Reynolds explains:

“The design of Umbrella is informed by online news channels and the blogosphere. Simple and consistent layouts are presented with concise, easy-to-read text, and brightly coloured headers and links. Sections are colour-coded for ease of navigation and functionality.

“The use of Victorian-era graphics in bright web colours underlines the concept of the traditional being presented in a playful, modern way – something which is reflected in the editorial content of the magazine.”

Finally, Anthony believes that Umbrella provides a much-needed shot in the arm to a forgotten sector of the market.

“From my experience, it seems that the major publishers have given up on men. Umbrella shows that they’re more actively involved with their media than ever before. It’s all a matter of giving them the right content.”

Key facts

Umbrella is edited by Anthony Teasdale, former Contributing Editor at Arena and Editor of ICE magazine. He is also a regular contributor to Esquire, Grazia and FHM.

Its Art Director is Matthew Reynolds, currently Art Director of Women’s Fitness.

The magazine is published quarterly and can be downloaded or read online for free at The next issue will be out late September.

For further information, hi-res images, quotes and interview opportunities contact:


  1. Great stuff, just downloaded it and spreading the word with all my mates.


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