Liverpool’s business district

From certain angles – well, quite a lot of them, actually – Liverpool looks American. The waterfront, especially around the ‘Three Graces’ is like a scaled down version of New York in its golden age of the early 1900s. Yet, just inland, things change. In and around Dale, Tithebarn and Old Hall streets, the area is more like the City of London, with grand banks, startling new office buildings and imposing Victorian halls (often exchanges for materials like cotton) reminding us of the mercantile past of the great Atlantic port. What’s encouraging is that this area is alive with new office blocks and luxury hotels, all sprouting inbetween the edifices of old – including the magnificent Exchange Station. As the phrase went: “The Manchester man, the Liverpool gentleman”. Indeed.


  1. Nice photos,I'd never have imagined Liverpool reminiscing New York!

  2. Ah.....Purple wheelie bins.

    I don't miss them. At all.

  3. haha Jon. I wouldn't notice them if you didn't mention. wow they chose strange colours.


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