Seven essential bits of winter wear

There’s only three acceptable options for clothing once the nights start drawing in and the miserable weather makes your bones feel like they’re made of something you’d find in the freezer department at Sainsbury’s.

Option one is easy: old-school Crombie overcoats, tweed jackets, comfy knits and brogues. If that doesn’t tickle you, there’s the Italian casual ensemble, with thick funnel-neck cardies, dark denim and Aquascutum/Burberry scarves (yes they’re acceptable again at Bloke and Coke) worn to keep you nice and snug. The third option is a little more leftfield, but it’s a look that’s been popular with in-the-know Mancunians for 25 years. Part mountaineer, part – ahem – terrace casual – it’s a winning mix of hiking boots, tough jeans and huge, winter-defeating overcoats. I call it – because I like naming stuff – the Himalayan Scally. Here’s a few key pieces…

Mountain Equipment Greenland jacket

Adidas Super Trekking

Mountain Equipment Ogre jacket

Fjallraven Vintage 20L Rucksack

MA Strum Military Cardie

Berghaus ’85 T-shirt

Beretta button-down shirt


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