Stone Island: a video tour with Carlo Rivetti

SI boss Carlo Rivetti presents a tour of the satisfyingly futuristic HQ of everyone’s favourite Italian sportswear brand.

Carlo Rivetti's Tour from Stone Island on Vimeo.

They say:

The journey inside Stone Island begins. Carlo Rivetti opens the doors of the headquarters of Sportswear Company in Ravarino, where his brand Stone Island is thought and takes life. A first general recognition where Carlo Rivetti reveals the philosophy of a company that has always been founded on research and experimentation. Where what is revealed is the passion and the deep know how that turn ideas and visions into garments and collections that are always innovative and in the vanguard. What follows is a serialised story, where an indiscreet camera records, without any secret, the testimonies of the people involved and all the places in which the product is created.

We say: Just give us 20 minutes in the factory shop, Carlo.


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