Don Draper sunglasses, Harris tweed overcoats and other things I like at the moment

The glasses are from a company called American Optical. You can get them on ebay for £20, though you’ll have to pay custom charges of about £15 on them. The jacket is John Rocha at Debenhams, and the other two bits speak for themselves.


  1. Aubin & Wills.... you been hanging about out in West London?! Lovely coat mind

  2. If you have weakness for Harris Tweed then you should take a look at as there is a huge range of classic Harris Tweed jackets on there.

  3. Hello, just updating any links on the net... I own and run what was formerly Vintage Whistles but is now Tweedmans Vintage.
    And yes we do have an extensive range of Harris Tweed jackets and accessories for gents : )
    Best wishes Denise


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