The beauty of vintage Miele

In the new issue of Umbrella, we’ve done a lovely feature on a bloke called Andy, a washing machine engineer who’s devoted to the appliances made by the German brand, Miele. In the piece he talks about the washer he gave his dad, an early-’80s model that’s going as strong today as it was when it was bought nearly 30 years ago. His old man, he says, likes to leave the kitchen door open so he can just listen to it hum as it goes through its cycle.

For the piece, I took a lot of shots of Andy with the Mieles he’s currently got on sale at the store he works at in Islington. The machines, models from the 1990s are meant to be used in an industrial environment, hence their lack of domestic details, but its their utalitarian nature that gives them a timeless charm. They remind me of analgoue synthesisers from the ’70s and ’80s like the Juno 106 and the Jupiter 8 – all coloured buttons, sliders and switches to play with.

Like a lot of things in Umbrella, the feature on Miele is about finding beauty in the ordinary and the everyday. These pics demonstrate this philosophy perfectly.


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