Ten pictures of phoney football fans pretending to watch football on TV in the name of selling beer, credit cards or tawdry, soon-to-be-outdated electronic devices

It’s pleasing to know that talentless, unimaginative ad executives all around the world were paid hundreds of thousands of pounds – maybe more – for their efforts in putting together these these extremely realistic photo-scenarios. Well done, you bunch of pointy shoes-wearing, hair gel-overdosing, Charlotte Street-dwelling piss-soldiers. Now, can any of you tell us… a) Why anyone would bring a ball to watch a game on the telly?b) How many matches the granny with the feather cut in picture six has actually been to?andc) How does the picture of the bedsit sociopath in the socks in any way constitute a football fan? 


  1. includes at least 2 people in the running for "Least convincing holding of a football" award.


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