The council estate that knocks anything I've ever lived in into a cocked hat

From deputy dog comes an amazing set of pics illustrating this social housing scheme in Vienna. Mr dog says:

Built between 1973 and 1985, this incredible, government-funded 27-storey complex accomodates approximately 10,000 low-income residents amongst a healthy amount of greenery. As you can see, the blocks are topped with outdoor swimming pools (used regularly by 70% of residents), but the facilities available don’t end there. Others include: indoor swimming pools, fitness rooms, solariums, saunas, tennis courts, schools, two medical centres, church, shopping mall, restaurants, 3,400 underground parking spaces and a metro station. The complex even runs its own TV station.

The only thing I can think of that comes close is the recently poshified Brunswick Centre near Russell Square in London (below), which with Stalinist efficiency closed its bookies and the Iceland and got in a load of middle class chains in like Strada and Giraffe to replace 'em. Still, the linguine's to die for…


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