Virgin's Mad Spaceship Thingio

Last week Richard Branson unveiled detailed plans for his Virgin Galactic space project. On one hand I think it's great that someone can get off their arse and actually get something like this off the ground. On the other, having used his trains to travel back and forth to Liverpool for 15 years, part of me thinks it'll do well to get past the top of his head. According to Wired, Space Ship One:

…piggybacks into the air aboard a special carrier plane called White Knight before blasting off. It will fly for the first time this summer.

Things I'd want to know before getting onboard:
1) Does the caff open on Sundays or will I have to make do with crap biscuits and warm bottles of water served by a boot with a hangover?
2) If Space Ship One has to go for repairs, is there a bus replacement service?
3) On bank holidays does it stop at Coventry, Northampton and Milton Keynes?
4) If I book early, can I get a blag first class ticket?
5) If there's no sound in space, is there any point in having a quiet zone?

You can book NOW (Yeah!) here.


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