“The worst riot ever seen in Norwich”

It’s 1977 and Man Utd are playing Norwich City. The after-match aggro – and only this decade-specific adjective can be used to describe what occurs – is a flashback to more innocent times when every young man looked like Bobby Sands before he went into the Maze and nouvelle cuisine was having garlic mushrooms with your well-done steak.

The graphic depictions of muscle vests, fellas walking on asbestos roofs for no apparent reason and coppers with carpet-like moustaches cowering under a hail of missiles is one to warm the cockles of any fan of retro-thuggery. And while the voice-over journalist has the ‘Jesus-this-is-tiresome’ intonation of all commentators who covered these activities, his efforts are put in the shade by the overweight chap who appears near the end holding – and wait for this – a 1977 Silver Jubilee union jack bowler/top hat. If you, Mr Hat, are reading this then I salute your sartorial efforts from the space-age 21st Century. Come back, football needs people like you.


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