80s Casuals: the book

When I was pestering my long suffering parents for various bits of overpriced Italian leasurewear in the mid 1980s, I never for one minute ever imagined that 25 years later I’d be drooling over those same items in a glossy coffee table book. But, as 80 Casuals demonstrates, life’s funny like that.

Written by Dave Hewitson and Jay Montessori, this lovingly put-together book (and you can tell, that for men of a certain age, they like their subject more than is necessarily healthy) is crammed full of arty photos of trainers, tracksuits and jumpers from this oft-forgotten movement. Phil Thornton, author of the peerless Casuals, believes “this thing of ours“ is the most overlooked of all the post-war cults. He is right and that’s largely due to the fact that the London fashion magazines of the time didn’t understand something that started outside the capital and whose adherents hadn’t studied at Central St Martin’s college. Despite everything that’s happened since, that situation, sadly, remains the same.

Find out more from the 80s Casuals website.


  1. This looks really interesting, I love that Casuals book by Phil Thornton.

  2. You're only right, there, Kate. Even if Phil is from Runcorn. He was the best writer The Face had when I was a nipper, simply because he wrote about normal people wearing boss clothes.

  3. I can imagine. I really enjoy your blog I found it last year when researching football casuals for a project and followed it ever since! You've no doubt heard of him but I bet you would like Aitor Throup's work :)

  4. Yeah, it's boss – his Y-front leggings are mental. Just had a look at your blog too, keep it up. If I was you I'd add a bit more editorial ideas too, use that voice of yours. We need more women writers/stylists who are interested in British street style, not just stuff the fashion brands churn out every year. Keep posting!

  5. Ahh thankyou I will do, I'm getting more into my blog so I will try and add more writing!! Noticed your a fellow liverpool fan, tonight's match scares me!!!

  6. We've had it, girl – and the new "investment" is a big con. Bad times at Anfield, la.

    Pip pip


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