The Nokia 8210, the most beautiful phone ever

Anyone who says they don’t drool over the iPhone4 is either a liar or er… someone who doesn’t drool over the iPhone4. Anyway, while Apple’s latest communicator pretty much defines what technology is about at the beginning of the 2010s (along with HTC’s Android-running ‘Desire’), we’re still in love with the phone that made mobiles not just functional, but actually objects of desire, Nokia’s 8210.

Weighing in at a tiny 79g with the battery in, and boasting dimensions of 101.5mmx44.5mmx17.4mm, the 8210 truly was the most mobile of mobile phones. Small enough to be slipped in the pocket of a pair of jeans, it would only alert its owner to call with a discreet vibration. Something, in those still mobile-phobic times, that non-attention seekers appreciated.

Today, it seems awfully basic – there’s no camera, internet or mobile film-editing function. And yet… truly, an 8210 is really all you need – especially if you favour form over function. So even though ’s is no longer in use, it sits on the shelf, ready to be used once more should Mr Jobs’ newest device have a terminal breakdown. “Connecting people,” that’s what they said – and that’s still ultimately what it’s all about.

This article will run in Umbrella, the new online magazine for men – out by the end of June 2010


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