‘Tailored by Umbro – The Walls’

I’ve written recently – in Grazia no less – about how much I like the England kit (and I’m not going to into a boring discussion about whether Liverpudlians should support the national team). And the campaign to promote it, ‘England Walls’, which you can see here is excellent. It’s also good to see lots of Merseyside footballers (Rooney, Gerrard, Warnock, Carragher) represented.

Then there’s the actual kit itself (and related tracksuits too). The whole collection harks back to the simpler strips of the 1960s, yet brings in modern engineering and construction techniques. It’s fantastic.

Designed by CP Company’s Aitor Throup, the Tailored by Umbro top – with its dozens of interwoven panels – is a miracle of 21st Century design. See him talking about it here.

The Manchester firm, which has kitted out the England team since 1982, drafted in Throup to work on the new strip, who says: “We started working with rib, the most basic of fabrics that communicate stretch. Rib visually expands and grows, like the skin does on a joint, stretching and contracting with movement.” This approach has made the England kit the most advanced in the world. Happily, it’s also a hit with 20-stone van drivers who can drink their own weight in Stella Artois.

Having said all that, Umbro could always look to the past for its inspiration.


  1. The 'England Walls' campaign is one of the most tasteful I've seen. Simplicity and style go a long way in modern football.

    Keep up the good work on the blog- some cracking comments despite your obsession with Brick Lane/Shoreditch (we don't all have daft hair but we do have Present, Albam and Number Six)

  2. Anonymous4:08 pm

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