Moscow at night – pictures that make the Russian capital look like the most beautiful city on earth

The word ‘amazing’ is used a little too liberally these days, usually by people who work in cushy jobs in the media with far too much time on their hands. You know the drill…

Media person 1: “Yeah, on Saturday night I went to some ’80s-themed fancy dress party in Notting Hill.
Media person 2: “Really? Any good?”
Media person 1: “What do you think? Not only did I get like, properly wasted on MDMA and coke, but I did it dressed as Mr T.”
Media person 2: “Amazing.”

See? Now I‘m as guilty as the next London fop of hyping what are essentially mundane experiences to give my existence a veneer of cool, but in the case of the night-time pictures of Moscow I found on English Russia, for once ‘amazing’ is a suitable adjective. Taken by the talented and evidently vertigo-proof photographer Chistroprudov Dimitri these long-exposure shots are some of the best urban landscapes I’ve ever seen. And remember, this is Moscow he’s capturing here, transforming it from scruffy post-communist corrupt-opolis to magical nocturnal city with one press of a button. It makes you almost want to live there.


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