Three great Japanese jackets that are better investments than spending your cash on drugs or weekend breaks in the Cotswolds with people you don’t really like

Japanese clothing seems to a be a distillation of everything I like about men’s clobber. There’s bits of preppy, a touch of olde English and the smart lines of Italian tailoring, all merged with that uniquely Japanese attention to detail. Best of all are their jackets-in-the-shape-of-suit-jackets-which-aren’t-suit-jackets – you know, the three-button numbers that look great with dark, selvedge denim and boxfresh Converse. Unsurprisingly, sites like Oki-Ni and Oi Polloi are the best places to get them, but even cheapskate chic specialists Uniqlo do a splendid model, which retails for less (1p less in truth) than 20 quid.

First up is this deconstructed* cotton jacket, the result of a collaboration between Monocle magazine and the Italian/Japanese/American label Woolrich Woolen Mills. It costs £370. Buy it – or at least lust after it – here.

Tip: HYR Collective

I’ve wanted this effort from Haversack for about six weeks and each time I see it, like some over-indulged spoilt child screaming for a Buzz Lightyear doll in Toys ’R’ Us, I know that its purchase will make me happy forever. But, as my mum used to say, “I want, doesn’t get.” Unless, of course, you’re Donald Trump. £450 from Oki-Ni.

Gratifyingly for us clothing nerds, a new premium denim/tailoring brand seems to appear from the land of the rising sun on an almost daily basis, prompting desperate phone calls to stockists from hopefuls trying to get that signature item. Kato is one such label. Sold in the UK by Oi Polloi and Oki-Ni, its range of shirts and jackets tick all the chambray/selvedge boxes and will inspire such envy from your mates you may have to leave the country for a few weeks. The beautiful cotton jacket above, which retails for like, loads (OK, £350), shows you just what I’m talking about. Buy it from Oi Polloi here.

* The use of ‘deconstructed’ here does not make me instantly despicable


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