Shoreditch 2009 or Soviet Russia in the 1980s? You decide

Him: “I have grown my bushy mullet in tribute to long-regarded warrior of socialism, Derek Hatton.“
Her: “Do you think we’ll get in Dazed if I snog Peaches Geldof?”

Stripy girl: “When I’m alone I worry about whether we’ll ever get to see the tractor mines of Perm.”
Her mate: “Jesus, I am like, sooo sick of dubstep. Is someone going to put on some psychobilly? Even if I don’t actually know what it is.”

Unseen partygoer:
“I command you to put on some stirring marching music, I need to feel the pain of Mother Russia in the Great Patriotic War.”
Blonde lad who’s hogging the ghetto blaster: “Fuck off Boris, I’ve got an MP3 of We’ve Priced The Locals Out of London’s new bootmash. Seriously, it’s amazing.”

Girl (R):
“Let us dance to cement our love for state socialism.”
Girl (L): “Yeah, but who’d win in a fight between Mr T and like, a baboon? Or Chuck Norris.”


  1. This reminds me of me and Boorman's 'classic' (disputable term) 'Are you a hoxtonite or al qaeda operative?') quiz back in the twat. It got used for the tv show eventually.
    Safe to say that it was one of those things that worked a bit better on paper...:(

  2. I think Chuck Norris would win the in the fight.


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