Are these men specialist cleaners on the London Underground or some sort of horrendous, trendy circus troupe?

Thankfully, the lack of body paint, luminous leotards and faces-agog beauts covering their eyes proves that these chaps are in fact, cleaners. But what cleaners. If the lady who comes round your office washing up the cups and plates you’re too important to clean is the regular army, these fellas are the SAS. And the most elite, live-for-ten-days-in-the-desert-without-water part of the SAS too.

Westminster, like Canary Wharf is one of the new generation of Tube stations that is bathed in light no matter how far you descend into it. However, all those window ledges and trendy exposed air vents do get a bit dusty, which is why every year a group of cleaners spend eight weeks cleaning it. Using abseils.

Wonder if they like it when people tell them that they’ve missed a bit just as they’ve put away all their equipment? I’ll have to find out.

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Of course, every part of the Underground network gets cleaned regularly, but always after the rest of us have gone home, as the pictures below show.

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