Vice magazine’s feature on brogues is both great, because it showcases one of the most respected London shoe-sellers, and worrying, as it’s further proof that the once-mulleted fashion quilts are now wearing stuff I like. Can’t they just go back to trucker’s caps and beards?

I’m not sure how I feel about this. However, the interview with a bloke called “Fred the Shoe”, by Douglas Hart* is ten times more relevant than anything else you can read about men’s clothing in the fashion press this month. Apart, perhaps, from the clothes pages in Monocle which make me want to be a half-Japanese/half-Swiss graphic designer with a pristine, never-opened collection of Veja pumps.

* I don’t actually know who Douglas Hart is, but as he’s not introduced in the standfirst I think I’m supposed to. Maybe he’s on telly…

Douglas Hart (r): “I think, perhaps, this shop is an existential exercise with the idea of the shoe as a constant ‘sun’ in one’s own private universe?”
Fred the Shoe (l): “You gonna buy anything?”


  1. Anonymous11:36 pm

    I assume it's the Doug Hart from The Jesus & Mary Chain, duh. Kinda outdid yourself there.


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